In today’s hasty world, one thing that most of us have forgotten is that the human body needs to relax. We need to take time out for ourselves. Our bodies are more complicated than any machine man has ever devised. Even the best of machines require to be recreation energized in some way or the other and they need to rest if they have to work for a long time. But, with our own bodies—these amazing machines that nature has provided us with—we are completely laid back. We don’t realize the need for rest for our body machines. And therein lies a major problem.

Today, most people flinch at the prospect of rest. There is so much work everyone has taken up that resting seems like a taboo. It is something you should not speak of. It is something for the lazy people who can do nothing good in their lives… that’s the sorry impression we have about rest and recreation.

But this attitude can only take us faster to our graves. If our body doesn’t get the chance to recharge itself, how will it be able to continue functioning normally? How do you hope to make your body more productive the next day if you don’t rest today?

Rest is one thing; recreation is another. When we are resting, we are just shutting ourselves off from the world for a while. But when we are recreating, we do something that we enjoy. We enrich our minds when we recreate and at the same time, our brain is happy because we are doing something that we love. It releases more endorphins and that’s the reason our entire body attains a state of natural felicity. This is a factor that can enhance our health in great measure.

However, the important thing is that recreation isn’t something that comes naturally to us. We have to take it. Like hunger or thirst, we don’t have an instinct for recreation. That’s the reason we don’t ‘feel’ the need to recreate, but this is definitely something that we should do.

Whatever it is that we like to do—go for a walk, watch a movie, listen to a song, read a book, write something, talk with our friends, take the dog out, play with our children—we should do. We should spend time doing that for at least a few minutes every day. This makes our minds richer and our bodies fitter. If we want to make a well-oiled, productive machine out of our bodies, then we must not forget to give it its dose of recreation each day of our lives. 

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