Every person has some goals and wishes, whether short-term goal or long-term. However, we at times feel frustrated when these goals are not accomplished. The frustration becomes even greater when we see other people setting goals and easily achieving them, and we have no idea what magic they use to accomplish their goals and to do it on time. You find it quite weird, disappointing and annoying that even the smallest goals are still not achieved, or if they are every achieved it happens quite late. 

Therefore, you keep on resetting the mark of the goals to make it easy to accomplish them, but this still refuses to work. 

When this happens, you become disillusioned and you do not seem to have the big picture and the clear vision any more. You feel tired about this goal setting thing, and you find that every motivational speaker stops making sense to you. You have tried writing down your dreams and you have even tried going for the seminars where the most expensive speakers are, but things seem to be getting worse….

But, let’s face the facts. Is it possible that you are climbing the ladder which is leaning on the wrong wall? Most people set goals, which is very commendable; but they set the wrong goals. Getting a person to really know what he or she wants in life is the most difficult thing, and this makes for about 80% of the whole job of getting there. 

There is this powerful series on setting goals and getting results, and it has been proven by many to work perfectly well. These are five eBooks that will change your life permanently and positively. The series contains the following eBooks:- 

1. “50 Quick Tips On Getting Organized Easily”

Mission: Organization – A Simple Guide To Keeping An Orderly Life

2. “Goal Planning Strategies That Truly Work” 

How To Reach Any Goal You Wish! 

3. “How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time” 

Getting Results Super Fast Through Prioritizing, Leveraging And Focus 

4. “Results And Rewards Blitzing” 

The Sprinter’s Guide To Short Term Motivation For Huge Results – High Adrenaline And Rewards Guaranteed! 

5. “Time Management Strategies For The Knowledge Worker” 

Understanding The Evolution Of Time Management Strategies And Prioritizing What Works In The 21st Century

These books will help you to know how to get organized, how to manage time and they even instruct you on how to set goals. They also talk on how to get the results and on how to reward you for the accomplishment. 

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